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Online Pre-Licensing Courses

With the current popularity of online learning, our already partially online courses have now been expanded with the availability of fully live Zoom instruction Pre-License Real Estate classes. Our professional instructors have navigated how to optimize online lectures, giving our students the most organized and informative courses possible even though they’re virtual. This format offers our students the flexibility to seamlessly mesh this course with their schedule. Whatever your current real estate education level; our courses are for you. It is crafted to thoroughly teach you the basics, resulting in obtaining your KY Pre-License certificate. Whether you choose the HomeServices Real Estate Academy’s in-person, mixed, or solely online courses, we will give you a real estate education unlike any other.

HomeServices Real Estate Academy Online Pre-License Courses for effective, flexible classes near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

Why Online is an Advantage?

After a year like 2020, we have realized that online learning can be just as effective as in-person learning, if not more. Choosing online means you can learn and study from anywhere at any time and however works best for you. This means you can also get our top-notch Pre-License Course from anywhere, not just Kentucky! You can find the balance in your life between work, classes, and regular life.

Optimize your Online Experience

While online learning is very convenient, it is essential to have a plan to get the most of your online experience, especially if it is new to you! Here are a few tips we recommend for getting the most out of your online experience:

  • Treat it like an in-person class by creating a schedule where you plan specific, dedicated time to your class and assignments.

  • Design a study/school space where you can isolate yourself from other people and distractions so you can learn without interruption. We recommend visiting a library or coffee shop if you don’t have a current space in your home and bring headphones etc. to block out surrounding noises (even throw on a study playlist with relaxing, focusing music!).

  • Figure out how you take in the information the best; whether that’s online note-taking, or handwriting notes, etc. find out what works for you

  • Stay in constant communication with your instructor if you need extra help, more information, or certain accommodations.

  • Hold yourself accountable and practice time management by setting goals along the way. Any of our instructors can aid in this.

Contact Us

At HomeServices Real Estate Academy, we set the bar high with our flexible courses and extremely experienced team of instructors. As an accredited company with over 100 years of combined experience, we have extensive knowledge within the industry and trust us, we’ve seen it all. What sets us apart from other academies is not only our superior instructors but our multiple course options and availabilities. We pride ourselves on always giving you the materials to be successful and make your mark in the real estate business. With so many great options, there is no reason to wait, take the step towards your career in Real Estate today! Call us at 502-394-6189 or fill out our contact form online here. We have online options but service Lexington, Georgetown, Versailles, Paris, Nicholasville, Richmond, Harrodsburg, Frankfort, and Winchester, Kentucky!

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