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How to Enhance the Real Estate Industry with Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: Mar 25

In almost any line of work, there is a higher percentage of men in advanced, top-ranking positions. But what if you knew that opening the real estate profession to a wider range of sexes and ethnicities would add to the success of the industry?

Real Estate Licensing Courses to Help Diversify the Real Estate Industry near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

The Problem

Diversity and inclusion in real estate is an issue. Clouded by unconscious biases, those in real estate may not even understand or realize the immense presence of these inequalities. Being a one-sided industry, real estate is missing out on an abundance of growth and prosperity. With this lack of variety, the real estate market is limiting the ability of their clients, the home buyers or sellers, to find a real estate agent that checks all their boxes. Lastly, there is a problem with the entrance into the real estate field. With high-priced courses and hard-to-find materials, many people are automatically deterred from even attempting to get into realty. This is what we at HomeServices Real Estate Academy have set out to revolutionize.

It is hard to know where to begin, but it all starts with the unlearning of this field as traditionally male and traditionally white. Acknowledging the gaps doesn’t mean succumbing to them, it means active commitment to change

Us- The Answer

A company and field of occupation that is welcoming to all genders and races will be higher-performing and more successful. As a team, we are committed to the representation of all demographics in our market. We help train people to be realtors open to serving all communities.

As on our website, “there are two fundamental equalizers in life- the Internet and education.” At HomeServices Real Estate Academy we know that it all starts with education and access to education. We believe that anything is possible with proper knowledge, for knowledge is power. This is why we are dedicated to providing and encouraging people of all kinds to enroll in our courses where you can obtain the proper schooling and information to find immense happiness and success in realty.

While many things can be done, leadership, commitment, and reflection are the most practical. Our trained professionals will act as role models and mentors for any person coming through our program, providing leadership to set the example in the realty world. Diversity and inclusion require commitment- committing to unlearning these biases and commitment to delivering top-notch education through our courses. Finally, reflection, where we stay up to date on the best ways to serve and educate our clients, always evaluating what we can do better and how we can continue to diversify real estate.

Contact Us

For more information and even a free virtual orientation to see what we’re all about, visit us at HomeServices Real Estate Academy. Our website offers you heaps of information about real estate licensing and tips and tricks of the trade. We offer online courses, as well as flexible in-person courses that will surely fit your schedule. Our courses serve the locations of Lexington, Georgetown, Versailles, Paris, Nicholasville, Richmond, Harrodsburg, Frankfort, and Winchester, Kentucky.

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