Broker Law Terms and Conditions

Upon enrollment in the above mentioned course given by HomeServices Real Estate Academy, the below named student, as evidenced by his or her signature, hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:


  1. I will pay the course fee of $395.00 in full.

  2. Class will be three (3) weeks in length, one session per day, eight (8) hours each session to accumulate the required 48 hours of coursework. Total of Six Sessions.

  3. The Real Estate Law book can be picked up at HSREA upon enrollment. Pre-reading is required.

  4. To receive a certificate of completion for this course, students must attend all class dates for the entire session. Students arriving late to class, or those who are absent anytime during the session, will be required to make up the missed time in the next available course session. Students have up to one year to make up missed time, or they will have to re-enroll and pay tuition fees again.

  5. A passing grade of 75% must be obtained to complete the course.

  6. All applicants for a Broker’s license must have completed 21 credit hours, with at least 12 in Real Estate courses from an accredited college or university OR up to 336 classroom hours in Real Estate courses from a Kentucky Approved Proprietary School. Upon completion of “Real Estate Law,” students will acquire 48 hours of classroom credit.

  7. Class schedules are subject to change.

  8. Full refunds are made for this course only with a three(3)-day (72 hours) advanced cancellation notice. Students cancelling after this deadline will only receive a 59% refund through the end of the first week of classes. Once the second week of class begins, no refunds will be given. Students who cancel and wish to re-enroll will be responsible for the full tuition.

  9. Payment may be mailed to HomeServices Real Estate Academy, 600 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy, Ste. 250, Louisville, KY 40222