PRE-LICENSE AND CE ATTENDANCE Late arrival (exceeding 10 minutes) or early departure is prohibited. Students must attend the entire session to receive a Certificate of Completion for this course. Pre-license students have ONE YEAR from the enrollment date to complete the course. Advance notice of cancellation is appreciated for these two offerings.


REFUND POLICY A refund will be given if the enrolled student has not began the program. Upon starting the program, no refund will be given for withdrawal or failing to complete the course within one year of enrollment.


BROKER MANAGEMENT ATTENDANCE POLICY To receive a certificate of completion for this course, students must attend all class dates for the entire session. Students arriving late to class, or those who are absent anytime during the session, will be required to makeup the missed time in the next available course session. Students have up to one year to make up missed time or they will have to re-enroll and pay tuition fees again.


BROKER MANAGEMENT REFUND POLICY full refunds are made for this course with an eight (8) day advanced cancellation notice only (192 hours). Students canceling after this deadline will receive only a 50% refund through the end of the first week of classes. Once the second week of class begins, no refunds will be given. Students who cancel and wish to re-enroll will be responsible for the full tuition.