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Best Ways to Beat Test Taking Anxiety for the Real Estate Licensing Exam

Here at HomeServices Real Estate Academy, we offer real estate education unlike any other company. We put forward pre-licensing and online pre-licensing courses to get you started in the real estate community. We understand that it isn’t always easy diving into an entirely new field, so we give you all the resources you could need to not only pass your licensing exam but be a knowledgeable and prosperous real estate agent!

Real Estate Licensing Courses to become a successful and educated agent near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

Exploring and beginning a new path in life can be intimidating, especially when your career comes with tests that must be passed. That is why at HomeServices Real Estate Academy we start you on your path to success, and yes, that means with regards to the tests too. We grant you classes, textbooks, workbooks, state law books, and a free briefcase to make sure you are prepared and equipped with all the right tools. Study guide workbooks and flashcards are also available for the pre-licensing courses to heighten your chances of passing even more.

Test-taking can be difficult and anxiety-inducing. Luckily, our professionals have over 100+ years of experience combined and can offer advice on how to go into your exam anxiety-free. Here are a few of the most practical tips and tricks our experts have to defeat the angst around your licensing test:

1. Learn how to study efficiently- Everyone learns differently. Our experienced instructors will be in tune with your needs, offering you individual advice on how to learn and study in a way that maximizes your unique abilities.

2. Start early and be consistent- It’s not always about pulling all-nighters; it is about getting an early start and being consistent. Our teachers will always give you the tools on time to make sure you have enough time to understand the material well.

3. Talk to your instructor- The instructors at HSREA are always available to lend a helping hand. Asking for clarification or extra explanation will make you more confident heading into the exam.

4. Eat well, drink water, and exercise- This will make sure you are fully focused on the task at hand once you get into it. We recommend a high-protein breakfast to keep you full and energized and ready to apply your knowledge.

5. Sleep well- Studying is important, but so is sleeping. Being well-rested will help you memorize and remember the information better!

Here at HSREA, we are dedicated to your success. We promise to give you all the materials you will need to be successful. Our variety of courses fit your schedule, so you never have to worry about timing and can focus only on grasping the material.


HSREA focuses on setting the bar high with our experienced instructors and flexible course schedules. As an accredited business, our professionals have over 100+ years of experience. Their history gives them a unique advantage, for they have seen the evolution of housing bubbles and bursts, technological advances, marketing techniques, and market trends firsthand. Our business is run on commitment, dedication, passion, and integrity, all focused on our clients. Our courses come with flexible schedules so there is no reason to wait, enroll here now! We do offer online courses but hold classes that serve Lexington, Georgetown, Versailles, Paris, Nicholasville, Richmond, Harrodsburg, Frankfort, Winchester. For even more information, visit us online or call us at 502-394-6189.

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