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Start A Real Estate Career During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Over the past year, we have spent more and more time in our homes, whether we wanted to or not. This pandemic has caused untold chaos on all industries, not to mention our personal lives. When this pandemic began, no one thought it could have the far-reaching effects and consequences that it did. Some industries took massive losses and others were able to resist the devastation that came on the coattails of the pandemic. This same pandemic has spurred some interesting trends in 2020, and we expect these events to continue through 2021. Read on for our guidance if you plan to start a real estate career during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Real estate during COVID-19 with training to start your real estate career Near Lexington, Kentucky (KY).

One industry defining trend is the boom in home ownership and home sales. Whether these sales were made to first time home buyers or homeowners with multiple investments, we have seen an incredible and increased boom in sales. This is likely caused by the extended amount of time we are all spending at home. With more time at home, people are finding that those features they thought mattered to them before, no longer fit that designation. So, they branch out and begin looking for another home.

Meanwhile, those who have chosen to rent are moving about at a faster pace than we’ve seen before. Whether they are moving from a rental unit, moving between cities, or moving between states, we’ve began to see a massive increase in the who, when, and where people are purchasing homes. With more people moving than what seems like ever before, it’s no wonder that the real estate industry is doing so well.

The changes are not limited to the market itself, but also found in the way we conduct business. The National Association of Realtors has issued their own guidelines to work in tandem with the guidelines issued by the CDC. We want to help you investigate the ways you can continue to make a living that will keep you, your clients, and those around you as healthy as possible.

Our training program will help ensure that you can navigate this dynamic and fast-paced market. We are located in and host classes from Southern Indiana, Lexington, and Louisville, Kentucky for the local real estate market and pre-licensing courses. We offer five courses, each one crafted to making sure you get the information you need, with a timeline that fits your busy schedule. Getting into real estate is an especially excellent way to get a change of pace in your current career. With us, you will find understanding and implementing CDC guidelines to be easier, will be prepared and ready to pass the state licensing exam.

We host courses in and for the Lexington, Louisville, and Central Kentucky markets. Our instructors are well versed in the markets they teach about, allowing you to get a head start in those real estate markets. Contact us today to find out how you can start your career in real estate.

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